Janice in Wonderland

A 60-year old single gal moves from California to France after a devastating heartbreak.

My first heart attack. My first blog. My last move (I hope).  To France.

Un pays qui produit plus de 365 sortes de fromages est ingouvernable.” (A country that produces over 365 kinds of cheese is ungovernable.) — Charles de Gaulle

Blame it on a heart-attack.  Caused by a broken heart.  Without both, I probably wouldn’t be crazy enough to pick up and move at the age of 60. But here I am eagerly looking forward to 2017 in France, my original first love.

France is a Wonderland of all things delicious.  If you like to eat, drink, or be merry, you’ll love France. My blog weaves together helpful tips for others considering this leap, will document food finds and recipes, and may even provide friends and family with bits of the introspective sentimental stuff I normally find a little too private to share.  But since they may never see me again as I disappear down the rabbit hole of gastronomy, this is also my way of letting them know why it’s not such a crazy move after all.

Author: angedeschoux

A 60-year old single gal leaves California for France after a devastating heart-break.

3 thoughts on “Janice in Wonderland”

  1. Comme tu es courageuse de tout laisser pour l’aventure ! Je compte bien te rencontrer. Bravo 👏🏻 bravo 👏🏻 à Toi et tous mes vœux les plus chers pour 2017🎉 Bisous bisous 😘

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